Dot Matrix Printers

Dot matrix printers have many advantages over laser and inkjet printers

  • Wide range of media - mulit-part forms, cheques, reports & continuous media
  • Multiple interface types and emulations as standard
  • 18 or 24 pin quality, 80 or 136 column width
Ideal in Any Environment
  • Impact printers operate in harsh environments withstanding humidity, extreme temperatures, dust and dirt
  • Digital/Compaq VAX/VMS environments catered for
  • Excellent for the environment, no emmisions or airborn toner particles
Low cost of ownership
  • Highly economical to use and just an ink ribbon as the sole consumable

Dot matrix printers have been a staple in the world of printing for decades, offering a reliable and cost-effective solution for various industries. These printers use a matrix of pins to create characters and images on paper through impact printing.

Despite advancements in printing technology, dot matrix printers remain relevant in specific applications, such as invoicing, data logging, and forms printing. Their durability and ability to print on multi-part forms make them suitable for tasks where longevity and reliability are paramount.

One of the notable advantages of dot matrix printers is their compatibility with carbon paper, enabling the creation of multiple copies simultaneously. They are also known for their ability to operate in challenging environments, such as factories and warehouses, where dust and extreme temperatures can be problematic for other printer types.

While newer printing technologies have emerged, dot matrix printers continue to serve niche industries and applications, offering a reliable and cost-efficient printing solution for businesses seeking longevity and durability in their printing operations.