Disc Printers & Burners

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As Creative as You Are
  • Super fast print speed - less than 10 second per full printed disc
  • Burn & print on demand
  • Fully personalised disc designs
  • Duplicate movies, data, music, anything
  • Only requires a single ink cartridge
  • No need to order 1000's of discs from a duplication company
  • Publish one or 100, no minimum run
Professional Quality
  • Built-in high resolution 4800 dpi inkjet printing
  • Gloss finish available, looks like factory finish
  • Burn verification included with free software

CD and DVD printers are invaluable tools for businesses and individuals looking to create professional-quality optical media with custom labels and designs. These specialized printers enable you to add personalized artwork, logos, text, and graphics directly onto your CDs and DVDs, enhancing their visual appeal and branding.

CD and DVD printers come in various types, including inkjet and thermal printers, each offering unique advantages. Inkjet printers provide vibrant, full-color prints with high-resolution graphics, making them suitable for photo-quality labels. Thermal printers, on the other hand, offer durable, smudge-resistant monochrome prints, ideal for text-heavy labels.

Whether you're producing music albums, software installations, promotional materials, or archival discs, CD and DVD printers allow you to create a polished and professional finish, ensuring your media stands out and effectively conveys your message. These printers streamline the production process, making it cost-effective and efficient to produce customized optical media for a wide range of applications.

1. What are the main differences between the two disc publishers?

  • Disc Capacity:
    • Disc Publisher SE-3 has a 20 disc capacity.
    • Disc Publisher DP-4052 has a 50 disc capacity.
    • Disc Publisher DP-4200-Series has a 100 disc capacity.
    • DP-4200 Autoprinter has a 100 disc capacity.
  • Drives
    • Disc Publisher SE-3 has 1 recording drive.
    • Disc Publisher SE-3 Autoprinter has no recording drive. Printer only.
    • Disc Publisher DP-4052 has 1 recording drive.
    • Disc Publisher DP-4201 has 1 recording drive.
    • Disc Publisher DP-4202 has 2 recording drives.
    • DP-4200 Autoprinter has no drives. Printer only.

Disc Publisher SE-3 and DP-4200 Series are available with a CD/DVD drive or CD/DVD/BD drive.

  • Networkable:

Disc Publisher DP-4201 and DP-4202 are networkable with optional PT Publisher Network Edition.

  • Rack Mountable:

Disc Publisher DP-4200 XRPs are rack mountable.

  • External Catch Bin:

Disc Publisher DP-4200-Series feature an external disc catch bin.

2. What is the average cost per disc?

It depends upon the amount of coverage and the colours used in your designs.

Disc Publisher SE-3: at 50% coverage at medium print resolution, cost per print can range from 0.03 € to 0.28 €.

Disc Publisher DP-4200 Series: at 50% coverage at medium print resolution, cost per print can range from 0.03 € to 0.20 €.

Disc Cost Comparison Guide

3. How many discs can you print per ink cartridge or set of ink carts?

It depends upon the amount of coverage and the colours used in your designs

Disc Publisher SE-3 and DP-4200 Series: at 50% coverage at medium print resolution, you’ll get about 300 to 500 prints per ink cartridge.

4. What operating systems do these printers support?

Windows: 7 and 10+
Mac: OS X v10.7+ (Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, El Capitan)
Regarding Windows XP, our printer drivers will still work on it.
However, since Microsoft has ceased support for XP, we have no choice but to also no longer support XP.

5. What is the highest resolution each printer is capable of printing?

Both models can print up to 4800 dpi.

6. Do the printers come with software to design my labels?

Yes, they come with a basic design program for Windows called SureThing™ and a basic design software for Mac called DiscCover. Both programs allow you to import graphics, logos, etc. You can also design your disc layouts in a full-featured design program, save them as high-resolution .jpg, .tiff, .bmp, .png or .pdf files and use our software to arrange them onto your media size and print. Or, you can print directly from your own graphic design software, for example, Adobe Illustrator, as long as that software allows you to change the page size(s) to the size(s) of your disc.

7. Does any publishing software come with the printers?

Yes. Disc Publisher SE-3 and DP-4200 Series come with software for both Windows and Mac. The included Windows software is PTPublisher and SureThing CD Label Software. For Mac users we include PTPublisher for Mac OS X 10.7 or higher with Disc Cover design software.

8. Are your ink cartridges refillable?

No, they are not. They are designed and manufactured for one-time-only use.

9. How often do I need to change my print head?

Disc Publisher SE-3 and Disc Publisher DP-4200 Series utilize a single tri-colour ink cartridge for cyan, magenta and yellow (CMY) that combines colours to make a process black. The print head is integrated with the ink cartridge. Therefore, there is no need to ever “replace” your print head, as you get a new one with each cartridge change.

10. Who is Primera?

Headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota, Primera Technology, Inc. is the world‘s leading developer and manufacturer of specialty printing equipment including Disc Publishers and Label Printers.
Primera distributes its products in more than 200 countries with service and support for North America and South America from Plymouth, Minnesota. EMEA customers are serviced and supported from Wiesbaden, Germany. Primera Asia Pacific, located in Hong Kong, serves customers in Asia Pacific.