Personalised Printed Key Tag Cards

Let Bannerbridge print beautiful colour keytag cards for your business. These durable, high quality plastic cards are perfect as promotional, loyalty and identification tools.

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Introducing the new HID Fargo HDP6600

  • Print up to 230 cards per hour
  • 600dpi for superior text and image quality
  • Retransfer-based wasteless lamination
  • Simultaneous print and retransfer


ID Card Printing

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We Can Print Your Cards For You

Bannerbridge's in-house ID card printing service offers a simple solution for any organisation's ID card requirements.

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Custom Overlaminates, Foils and Security Printing

One look tells ID counterfeiters that they're defeated before they even try.


ID card printing is a fundamental aspect of modern security and identity management. This essential process involves creating personalized identification cards for employees, students, visitors, and more. ID cards serve as a visual representation of an individual's identity and affiliation, making them crucial for access control, authentication, and organizational branding.

Advanced ID card printing technology has transformed the way organizations produce these cards. It allows for the incorporation of high-resolution images, logos, barcodes, and even smart chip technology, enhancing both security and functionality. Customization options enable businesses and institutions to tailor ID cards to their specific needs, fostering a sense of belonging and professionalism among cardholders.

Moreover, ID card printers have become more user-friendly, efficient, and cost-effective. They offer the flexibility to create cards in-house, reducing turnaround times and minimizing the risk of security breaches associated with outsourcing. In summary, ID card printing plays a pivotal role in ensuring safety, access control, and branding for organizations of all sizes, making it a vital component of modern identity management systems.

How can an ID card help you?


Enhance building security and also control access to premises by issuing staff, visitor or contractor cards, printed and encoded on a Fargo or Datacard card printer.

These printers can issue secure and colourful ID and access control cards that can be protected against counterfeiters and wear and tear.


In retail environments, it is easy to print and encode loyalty cards that can store data, credits and points on a smartcard. These cards can be instantly issued and updated on the premises as customers purchase goods.

Another popular application is the issuance of hygienic fresh food labels for fish, meat and bread counters and, of course, for non-food items as well.

Schools & Libraries

In schools and universities, student and staff ID cards are mandatory. By using smartcards it is also possible to produce full campus cards that can be used for access to libraries, language labs and sports halls as well as allowing cashless vending and e-Purse applications.

All of the Fargo and Datacard printers can write data to contact and contactless smartcards during the printing process.


Hospitals and other health related facilities, such as pharmacies, have to have secure controlled access for authorised personnel to prevent theft and to mitigate patient risk.

Fargo and Datacard printers are able to print and simultaneously encode contact and contactless smartcards for this vital purpose.


By using Fargo or Datacard contactless smartcard printers, you can issue pre-printed and encoded travel cards centrally or locally and therefore increase the efficiency and profitability of your transportation network


Sports and leisure clubs can benefit by using loyalty and access cards to members.

These can not only let them into the gym and sauna but can also track their spending patterns and award points or other benefits, if they participate in selected classes or refer friends to the club

Emergency Services

Law enforcement personnel require highly secure identity cards that overtly identify them visually in situations where they are dealing with the public and other emergency services.

By using a Fargo or Datacard printer these cards card be printed, encoded and laminated with a customised hologram for maximum security.


Fargo and Datacard printers are used across the globe to produce highly secure, identity cards that are virtually counterfeit proof.

The Fargo HDP8500 is not only a heavy duty retransfer printer capable of running continuously for up to 8 hours but it also has an in line laser engraving option allowing production of completely secure and tamperproof official cards.

To complete the job, these printers can apply custom holographic overlaminates once the cards have been printed

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Specialist Printing Equipment and Materials (Offences) Act 2015

The bill became law on 26th April 2015. The law makes it illegal to sell specialist printing equipment without any due diligence checks being made.