Thermal Printheads

Aftermarket vs OEM

We offer a range of different thermal printer heads available with OEM and Aftermarket options.

What is an Aftermarket?

Brand new plain boxed compatible printhead with a longer life, excellent print quality with the same warranty as an OEM.And best of all, at a much lower price!

Our Aftermarket printheads achieved a better scan-ability (100% at 203 DPI) when compared to OEM (98.34% scan-ability at 300 DPI)



Thermal printheads are the unsung heroes behind the crisp, high-quality prints produced by thermal printers. These vital components play a pivotal role in the printing process, transforming digital data into tangible labels, receipts, and more.

Thermal printheads work by precisely heating specific areas of thermal paper or label stock, causing it to darken and create text, graphics, or barcodes. This technology offers speed, precision, and durability, making it ideal for various applications, from barcode printing to shipping labels.

Ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of thermal printheads is essential for businesses relying on thermal printers. Regular maintenance and proper care can extend the life of these crucial components, reducing downtime and printing costs.

Incorporating high-quality thermal printheads into your thermal printing setup guarantees consistent, professional-grade output for your labeling and printing needs. Whether you're in logistics, retail, manufacturing, or healthcare, investing in reliable thermal printheads is a smart choice for achieving exceptional print quality.