ID Card Software

Bannerbridge has been supplying ID card software for twenty years and have always looked for the following qualities in the ID Card and Visitor Card software that we supply:


As card technology has advanced so has the software we use. As well as basic ID and Visitor cards, you can also write to magnetic stripes, smartcards and read proximity cards.

Ease of use

This is crucial, we know that whilst you want functionality we appreciate that not all users will be IT staff and that the software needs to be able to be understood by all. We chose our software based on this.


We know you may want to integrate your exiting staff database or use our software with third party applications, so we made sure we supply ID card software that can facilitate these requirements


All of our ID and Visitor card software is quality checked and we make sure it is future proof and has full manufacture lifetime technical support combined with support provided free by our own in-house technical team.