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Update your Primera firmware for free to save money and increase print quality!

09/02/2017 - Primera continuously improve their products. Therefore we are happy to announce new firmware updates for the LX500e and Disc Publisher SE-3

Annoyed with dried out ink cartridges? You can now reactivate your Primera inks!

09/02/2017 - Have you experienced a dried ink tank in your LX500e, DP SE-3, DP-41xx or Primera Trio? It is possible that cartridges can dry out when your printer is not used over a longer period.

Getting the Best From a Resin Ribbon

15/08/2016 - Specify which area to print using resin 'true' black only

Save Money and get Extra Prints from Fargo's Colour Print Ribbons

13/07/2016 - When using a Fargo colour ID card printer you would be surprised how easy it is to save money by using a half panel colour ribbon.

Print to Multiple Primera LX Colour Label Printers from one PC

13/07/2016 - Did you know you can print to several Primera LX label printers from one PC?

Do you need to print colour on the front of your card and only need black on the reverse?

11/07/2016 - Fargo dual side printers have the ‘split ribbon’ printing feature.